Grow Bed Controller Coming to Tracker

You asked and we delivered - the first of the new distributed controllers is coming to Tracker:  the Grow Bed Controller.  Unlike the Aquaponics Controller, where the grow beds needed to be above the fish tank, the new Tank Controller and Grow Bed Controllers are intended for distributed systems, where the grow beds are a distance away.

Arduino Aquaponics: Grow Bed Controller
Grow Bed Shield.

A number of enhancements have been made.
  • The new ambient light sensor can calculate LUX to a high degree of accuracy with functions to prevent sensor saturation.
  • A new Ethernet board has been integrated to reduce costs and footprint of the original Ethernet Shield.  It uses the same chip as the Arduino Ethernet Shield means you can use the standard Ethernet library, thus no software change.
  • The on-board real-time clock now uses a bigger battery that can last around 20 years.
In addition, the kit itself has changed.  This will be a shield kit only (it comes with all sensors); you will need to provide your own Arduino Mega/ Mega equivalent - a highly demanded feature considering the price difference between official Megas vs SainSmarts and others.  Additionally, there will not be any mains electrical wiring & outlet combo for the 20-amp relay, in order to both extend to international client requirements and to not limit your wiring options (15-amp vs 20-amp wiring and outlets).

Grow Bed Controller features:

  • Tracker key
  • Ethernet
  • Grow Light control, 20-amp relay
  • Ambient Light (LUX)
  • Air Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Waterproof Root Temperature
  • On-board real-time-clock (RTC) with battery backup to keep time if power is lost.

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