Aquaponics Controllers Have Shipped

The first batch of Aquaponics Controllers have shipped!  These units are single-point, full-system controllers that are used for Aquaponics Tracker.
  • Triple-mode pump control: always on, toggle, manual
  • Depth sensor
  • Smart grow-light control 
  • Optionally use external (and therefore replaceable) relay kits
  • Water temperature
  • Industrial grade pH probe 
  • Industrial grade dissolved oxygen probe
  • Air temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Ambient light intensity
  • Replaceable sensors
  • Uses an Arduino Mega R3 and Arduino Ethernet Shield R3
  • For use with Aquaponics Tracker or a stand-alone application
Note the application of the relays is a matter of programming rather than hardware so they are configurable as well.

Figure 1.  Early PCB layout.

Figure 2.  Aquaponics Shield.

Dry fitting components together is a no-brainer.  Below you can see the silkscreen layer printed on paper and taped to some random foam, which is excellent at holding component leads in place.  The dissolved oxygen, pH, differential pressure transducer and water temperature parts protrude from the bottom of the unit (left in the picture).

Figure 3.  Always good to dry fit.

Figure 4.  Dry fit again.

Figure 5.  Full kit.

We can't wait to get them into our 3D printed enclosures.


  1. I see that you are shipping these units. Is there a place to order them?

  2. These particular Controllers were shipped to our test group and are not available for purchase. That beta has since concluded and a new Controller, which is the same minus the DO probe and depth sensor, will be available for preorder in May 2014.

    1. Look very interested. I wish to order in May 2014.

  3. Any updates on the ability to order?

    1. The first stage of pre-orders has one week left before we open up general pre-orders and will be available in the Supplies section of Tracker.

  4. so ware are they?