Tracker Update

The first two public modules for Tracker, water quality and grow beds, are online and you can sign up for free here.

Water quality allows you to upload results from the API Freshwater Master Test Kit, and track that over time.  You can see the screenshot below.  Adding a note and image to a water quality reading is a feature that will be turned on this week.

Grow beds are easily the feature we are the most excited about with regards to integrating environmental and water quality monitoring to analyze the health of a plant.  Speaking of plants, each plant has an associated seed packet, which you can grab from the shared community list, or upload and share your own.  Similar to water quality readings, you will be able to add notes to your seed packets to record things like germination rates, which you can refer back to anytime.

Beta testers, the ADACS modules are being kept separate for the time being while each of these new modules are put online and tested, after which we will integrate the controllers one at a time.  You can find more information in your message box.

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